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my love is a bulldozer



Released: 16th Jun 2014


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aaron funk surprises yet again, drawing on new ideas & moods in this haunting, disparate & experimental electronica album.

Right from the start it's clear we're in new territory, with the distressed & violent '10th Circle Of Winnipeg' featuring a world weary jazz singer intoning deep emotional loss between crashing breaks & a corkscrewing bassline. Sonically he meshes together sometimes thunderous yet complex drum programming with delicate musical structures, creating, in places, a sense of haunted, atmospheric Jazziness, as well as spiky autumnal strings recalling the gothic orchestral beauty of his previous work. A mix of Demdike Stare or Leyland Kirby atmospherics with the more aggressive sides of Autechre & Aphex Twin.

my love is a bulldozer