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Traditional Synthesizer Music



Released: 19th Feb 2016


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further proof of aaron funk's mastery of electronic composition - this time created and performed live exclusively on a modular synthesizer with no overdubbing or editing.

this is an expert take on constructing songs; patches interrupting each other to create unforeseen progressions with multiple takes being recorded for each track resulting in vastly different versions of each piece. it's synth-punk at its best. "a perfect blend between the outright insanity of Funk at his most original and the stately brilliance of classic synth exploration." - 8/10 drowned in sound

Traditional Synthesizer Music


  1. Dreamt Person v3
  2. Everything About You Is Special
  3. slightly Bent Fork Tong v2
  4. Magnificent Stumble v2
  5. Decembers
  6. Can't Vote For Yourself v1
  7. You And Shayna v1
  8. Goose And Gary v2
  9. Anxattack Boss Level19 v3
  10. She Married A Chess Computer In The End
  11. Health Card10
  12. Paganism Ratchets