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OST: Alexander Blonksteiner

death waltz

limited 140g red LP

Released: 17th Jul 2015


Death Waltz has taken another step into the infamous genre of flesh-eating monsters in order to bring you a much-requested score from the field of Italian horror – Alexander Blonksteiner’s 'CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE' (aka 'APOCALYPSE DOMANI').

Directed by Antonio Margheriti and starring John Saxon the movie is a nightmarish vision where two Vietnam vets unleash horror upon the world via a virus that makes the infected want to consume human flesh. Scoring the film is a soundtrack as intense and crazed as the cannibals themselves, while the apocalypse itself scores a nine on the funk-o-meter, with militaristic drums and sinister strings being overtaken by wah-wah funk and guitar noodling in a prog-rock vein. It’s both melodic and discordant, with harsh alternating synth notes combining with shimmering music box notes, and a love theme with a sax that wails more than your average teenager. If you must chow down on someone, make sure 'CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE' is spinning on your turntable.

OST: Alexander Blonksteiner


  1. Jane
  2. Apocalypse
  3. Impossible Love
  4. Apocalypse And Love
  5. Boys And Girls
  6. Underground Fugue
  7. Market Suspense
  8. Target Firing
  9. Jane
  10. Service Station
  11. Impossible Love
  12. Dreadful Night
  13. Jane
  14. Target Firing
  15. At The Hospital
  16. Apocalypse And Love