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terminator 2

OST by Brad Fiedel (2015 reissue)

Silva Screen

Limited 180g liquid metal colour LP

Released: 7th Aug 2015


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One of the finest action movie soundtracks ever written, Brad Fiedel’s iconic Terminator 2 soundtrack will be released on vinyl for the first time.

The claustrophobic layering of electronic sounds and orchestral instruments create a tense sonic landscape which has become synonymous with the film’s theme of the battle between man and machine.

OST by Brad Fiedel (2015 reissue)


  1. Main Title (Terminator 2 Theme)
  2. Sarah On The Run
  3. Escape From The Hospital (And T1000)
  4. Desert Suite
  5. Sarah's Dream (Nuclear Nightmare)
  6. Attack On Dyson (Sarah's Solution)
  7. Our Gang Goes To Cyberdyne
  8. "Trust Me"
  9. John & Dyson Into Vault
  10. SWAT Team Attacks
  11. "I'll Be Back"
  12. Helicopter Chase
  13. Tanker Chase
  14. "Hasta La Vista, Baby" (T1000 Freezes)
  15. Into The Steel Mill
  16. Cameron's Inferno
  17. Terminator Impaled
  18. Terminator Revives
  19. T1000 Terminated
  20. "It's Over" ("Good-Bye")