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Death Waltz Recordings Co

super limited lp

Released: 4th Dec 2015


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a journey into the post-apocalyptic future of 2019 AD from death waltz, who have rescued a holy artefact: The amazing score to the 1983 Enzo G Castellari classic ‘THE NEW BARBARIANS’, as composed by Claudio Simonetti (‘DAWN OF THE DEAD’, ‘SUSPIRIA’).

An epic of rebellion amongst the nuclear ruins, ‘…BARBARIANS’ pits a ruthless gang called the Templars, led by George “Anthropophagus” Eastman, against a deserter known as Scorpion. What follows is the kind of bloodthirsty montage of flamethrowers and pompadours that only 80's Italian genre cinema can provide. And who better to score it than Maestro Simonetti? What kicks ‘…BARBARIANS’ off is an astoundingly catchy synthesiser riff that is trademark Claudio, backed up by sparkling percussion. Electronic effects permeate the score, enhancing the desolation and devastation, while electric guitars and synth clusters signal chaos and ultimately death. Tender romantic chords appear for Scorpion's romantic exploits, and we even get a church organ, but they're both but a short relief from the aural brutality. The film's signature is inevitably Simonetti's electronic earworms – and you'd have to be a barbarian to let this one go.



  1. Nuke Is Over
  2. The Survivors
  3. Riding Killers
  4. The Templars
  5. Scorpio
  6. Alma The Amazon
  7. One And The Gang
  8. The Medium
  9. Nadir And Genius
  10. Bows And Catapults
  11. Scorpio’s Gang
  12. Running To The Fight
  13. Nuke Is Over Version II
  14. Barbarian End