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Jon Brion

Lady Bird (original soundtrack)

Fire Soundtracks / Lakeshore Records


Released: 23rd Feb 2018



Released: 23rd Feb 2018


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limited indies-only white lp

Released: 23rd Feb 2018


brion’s handling of the score colours the on-screen action with a seamless lightness of touch but, hearing it in isolation, its warmth, its vivid realisation of an emotional distress, is much more potent and moving.

brion has previously scored ‘Magnolia’, ‘Punch-Drunk Love’, ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ and ‘I Heart Huckabees’. the composer has also produced records for Kanye West, Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright, Robyn Hitchcock, Sky Ferreira and is a well-known collaborator with Evan Dando and Elliot Smith. the film Is a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale is about a young, rebellious woman living in Sacramento and the constraints within a catholic high school, and fans should also hunt down our ‘paterson’ and ‘call me by your name’ soundtracks.

Lady Bird (original soundtrack)


  1. Title Credits
  2. Sign Up
  3. Drive Home
  4. LB / Danny
  5. Pick Up
  6. Lady Bird Kiss
  7. Rose Garden
  8. LB Steals Math Grade Book
  9. Thanksgiving in Sacramento
  10. Coffee Shop
  11. Hope
  12. More Hope
  13. Consolation
  14. Hope Against Hope
  15. Model Homes
  16. Maybe
  17. Looking Forward
  18. Summer in Sacramento
  19. Packing Up
  20. Leaving
  21. Hope?
  22. Reconcile
  23. Lady Bird