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fight against corruption

kingston sounds


Released: 25th Nov 2013



Released: 25th Nov 2013

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cornell Campbell’s distinctive falsetto voice alongside his Rastafarian beliefs during the '70s gave him a musical style that added urgency & righteousness to songs that few other singers could match.

originally released in 1983, this expanded version includes extended cuts & 3 bonus tracks. the bonus tracks featured are 'natty dread in a greenwich farm', 'forward natty dread' & 'righteous rastaman' while 'two face rasta' appears as an extended version.

fight against corruption


  1. Fight against Corruption
  2. Malicious world
  3. Trick in the Book
  4. Everybody wants Promotion
  5. I’m in Love
  6. Love trap
  7. The Drifter
  8. Got to tell the People
  9. Give your Love to Me
  10. Where I Stand
  11. Natty Dread in a Greenwich Farm(extended)*cd bonus track*
  12. Forward Natty Dread(extended)*cd bonus track*
  13. Two Face Rasta(extended)
  14. Righteous Rastaman(extended) *cd bonus track*