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island presents: lovers rock



Released: 27th Jan 2014


This collection brings together many of the most popular and influential Lovers Rock tracks ever released.

Towards the latter half of the 1970s, a number of British Reggae acts, weary of the Roots music that had dominated the Jamaican musical landscape over the preceding years created the first home-produced style to be successfully exported back to Jamaica – Lover’s Rock. This romantically-themed style remained hugely popular on both the UK and Jamaican scenes well into the eighties and beyond, with Island Records releasing many of the biggest hits in the style.

island presents: lovers rock


Disc 1

  1. Crying Over You - Heptones
  2. To Be A Lover (Have Mercy) - Faith, George
  3. It's Hard To Be A Lover - Ellis, Alton
  4. Easy Discomix/Remix - Lindsay, Jimmy
  5. Closer Together Extended Mix/Remix - Upsetters
  6. Stop Breaking My Heart - Inner Circle
  7. Tonight For Me - Third World
  8. Married Woman - Weathers, Vivian
  9. Two Time Loser - Minott, Sugar
  10. Once Upon A Time - Miller, Jacob
  11. Caught You Dancing 12" Version - Steel Pulse
  12. Sweet Maureen - Tuff, Tony
  13. Spinning Around - Tucker, Junior
  14. The Bed's Too Big Without You Extended Mix/Remix - Hylton, Sheila
  15. Only A Smile Copy Discomix/Remix - Paragons

Disc 2

  1. And I Love Her Extended Version - Ellis, Alton
  2. Sexual Healing - Riley, Jimmy
  3. We're In This Love Together - Nooks, George
  4. Peek A Boo - Lara, Derrick
  5. You'll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine) - Tuff, Tony
  6. Hey Love - Riley, Jimmy
  7. Night Nurse Extended Mix/Remix - Isaacs, Gregory
  8. Break Your Promise - Biggs, Barry
  9. Go Away Dream - Tamlins
  10. Show & Tell - Boothe, Ken
  11. Gave You My Love - Aswad
  12. My Baby - Struggle
  13. Long Lost Lover - Thomas, Ruddy
  14. Ooo Baby Baby - Kotch
  15. Oh Me Oh My - Smith, Karen