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Bunny Lee & Prince Jammy

Dubbing In The Front Yard & Conflict Dub

pressure sounds


Released: 14th Jun 2019


This release is the first-ever reissue of these sought-after LPs, and contains all the original songs in a lush cd package with 3 extra bonus tracks, photos, and sleeve notes by Diggory Kenrick.

Bunny Lee as producer, Prince Jammy as engineer, The Aggrovators making the tracks, the Holy Trinity of Jamaican Music. possibly no musical partnership was as prolific as the collaboration between Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee and Prince Jammy at King Tubby’s Studio between 1976 and 1982. In 1977 and 1982 respectively, ‘Conflict Dub’ and ‘Dubbing In The Front Yard’ were released in London as white labels in extremely limited quantities. The two LPs found the triumvirate of Lee, Jammy and The Aggrovators in perfect form with driving instrumentals, flashes of vocal beauty and mixes that ripped apart and rebuilt traditional notions of sonic structure.

Dubbing In The Front Yard & Conflict Dub


  1. Dubbing in the Front Yard
  2. Judgment Dub
  3. The Gates of Dub
  4. Babylon Dub
  5. Somewhere Version
  6. Carry on Dubwise
  7. Crab in a Barrel Dub
  8. Hold Them In Dub
  9. Lowdown Dub
  10. Overdue Dub
  11. Jumping Dub
  12. Skilful Dub
  13. Ethiopian Dub
  14. Still In Love Dub
  15. A Rootsy Dub
  16. I Can’t Go On Without Dub
  17. A Steppin Dub
  18. A Rocking Dub
  19. A Mighty Dub
  20. The Best Dub