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mind hive



Released: 24th Jan 2020


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Released: 24th Jan 2020


indies only signed lp + embossed orange sleeve

Released: 24th Jan 2020


With more angles than a Rhombicosidodecahedron, the post-punk architects are in fine fettle here, one moment they’re creating drifting vistas, the next, pummelling us into an exultant thrall.

wire exhibit little inclination to look back - rather they remain resolutely focused on producing music which is smart, vital and defiantly modern. From the bright noise web of “Cactused” to the album centrepiece – the dense and mesmeric 8 minute “Hung” - this is wire at their most compressed yet propulsive. quite how a group that has been operating for such a long period is still able to produce such exciting and essential work is difficult to understand. and yet here we are… “lurid yet skilfully inconclusive music for these precarious times” 4/5 - Mojo

mind hive


  1. Be Like Them
  2. Cactused
  3. Primed And Ready
  4. Off The Beach
  5. Unrepentant
  6. Shadows
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Hung
  9. Humming