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Delmer Darion

Morning Pageants

Practise Music


Released: 16th Oct 2020


limited indies deluxe gatefold lp

Released: 16th Oct 2020


Exploring the cultural representations of satan throughout history, the experimental electronic/IDM duo have conceived an otherworld bursting with transient ideas that tantalisingly combine industrial noise with electronic ambience and heavy shoegaze.

Their debut has been five-years in the making: a sprawling, industrial ten-track account of the death of the devil as a tragedy for the imagination, inspired by a line in the Wallace Stevens poem ‘Esthétique du Mal’. Archival accounts and true stories patter against Delmer Darion’s simulated journey in and out of hell. A must for fans of the soft pink truth, roly porter and worriedaboutsatan. “I am extremely excited to see where Delmer Darion go from here” 9/10 – loud & quiet.

Morning Pageants


  1. 290 Recto
  2. Darkening
  3. Wildering
  4. Narrowing
  5. Lacuna
  6. Pearse
  7. Brossier
  8. Genoa
  9. St. Louis
  10. Television