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Holy Other



Released: 25th Mar 2022



Released: 3rd Dec 2021


dinked 149 - limited (550 only)* 180g clear lp* + fabric belly band w/ metal 'h o' katakana symbol clasp* + alternative reverse board photo print sleeve* + (* EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition) - 1 per customer

Released: 25th Mar 2022


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the illusive purveyor of spectral rhythms returns with his first new music since 2012 – how we’ve missed his languorous techno-r&b-house jams.

here’s a very welcome blast from the past!! back in the days when we used to eagerly await every new release on the tri angle label, holy other was a name that we came to know well, spin a lot & recommend to anyone who would listen.

we never dared hope we’d be hearing new music from manchester’s illusive electronic producer again but now holy other returns with his first output since 2012 and announces his new album 'lieve', which is to be released via his own imprint.

using the acoustics of the bidston observatory on the wirral - the cavernous basement and the geometrically-perfect wooden domes - holy other recorded and resampled material that would become the bedrock of ‘lieve’.

these recordings — including the voice of nyx’s sian o’gorman, violin from simmy singh and saxophone from daniel thorne — were cut, manipulated and pieced together to form an immersive set of intimate textures and deft rhythms with haunting voices, whispers and stutters interwoven with his signature sound palette.



  1. Dirt Under Your Nails
  2. Lieve
  3. Absolutes
  4. Heartrendering
  5. Up Heave
  6. Whatever You Are You're Not Mine
  7. Groundless
  8. Refuse
  9. Shudder
  10. bough Down

dinked edition 149

- 180g * Clear Vinyl*

- Fabric belly band with metal ‘h o’ katakana symbol clasp *

- Alternative reverse board photographic print sleeve *

- Limited Pressing of 550 *


* Exclusive to dinked edition