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Music for Living Spaces

leaving records

very limited lp - 1 per customer *sleeve has corner crease*

Released: 22nd Oct 2021


Gorgeous mood music for plantlife from Olive Ardizoni’s Green-House project, once again painting synth watercolours designed to facilitate the connection between humans and nature.

Highly recommended for the good of yr health, especially if work by Ana Roxanne, Mort Garson, Plone, Raymond Scott, Pauline Anna Strom or Ami Dang has resonated with you. Well this is a bit lovely. Los Angeles-based artist Olive Ardizoni first appeared last year with ‘Six Songs for Invisible Gardens’, a record designed as communion between plants and the people who care from them. ‘Music For Living Spaces’ develops the concept with purpose, crafted for spiritual and environmental elevation. Ardizoni’s music is unashamedly retro, crossing vintage electronic treatments with folk sounds and elements of ‘80s new age tape music that should be familiar to any regular Leaving Records listeners. On tracks like ‘Sunflower Dance’ and ‘Royal Fern’, they flesh out delicate riffs with Mellotron flutes and brassy synth sounds that could have been snatched from Vangelis’ studio. Elsewhere on ‘Soft Coral’ and ‘Birds of Paradise’ the mood is more in line with an eerie wildlife documentary or psychedelic children’s TV theme. The Fender Rhodes guided shimmer of ‘Find Home’ hits at the apex, featuring Ardizoni’s voice for added resonance - a real standout. ‘Music for Living Spaces’ is basically ‘Plantasia’ with added subs, deployed at a time when our connection with the natural world seems elusive, almost beyond reach. For those of you in need of spiritual nourishment - it’s pure, uncomplicated, life enhancing music.

Music for Living Spaces

  1. Top Soil
  2. Nocturnal Bloom
  3. Sunflower Dance
  4. Bird of Paradise
  5. Soft Coral
  6. Royal Fern
  7. Rain
  8. Find Home
  9. Middlemist