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Marisa Anderson

Still, Here

thrill jockey

limited indies sea glass lp + download

Released: 23rd Sep 2022


lp + download

Released: 23rd Sep 2022



Released: 23rd Sep 2022


‘Still, Here’ emphatically makes the case for Marisa Anderson’s profound artistry, each piece intimately revealing a new aspect of Anderson as a player and as a human being navigating the path laid before her.

 Marisa Anderson’s ‘Still, Here’ is for the listener an alchemical salve, the work of a gifted player with an exceptional ability to convey the complexities of the human experience through composition.  Marisa Anderson is one of the most eminent guitarists working today. Her lucid, eloquent approach to guitar music and composition has established her as an unparalleled artist and an insightful, coveted collaborator. Anderson’s work draws on a mosaic of folk musics and lives in conversation with myriad musical traditions.  “[Anderson] the solo guitarist creates truly borderless music, fusing the diverse global traditions she favors without drawing too much attention to the act of juxtaposition.” - Pitchfork

Still, Here


  1. In Dark Water
  2. The Fire This Time
  3. The Low Country
  4. Night Air
  5. Waking
  6. The Crack Where the Light
  7. Gets In
  8. La Llorona
  9. Beat the Drum Slowly