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Released: 7th Jun 2019



Released: 7th Jun 2019


On the flip side of the days of northern darkness are the endless sub‐Arctic summer nights, where the midnight sun never sets and Finnish nightlife is brilliantly illuminated.

Here happiness has a deeper meaning. This is where Finland’s Death Hawks have spread their unique wings, phoenix‐like, on their fourth full‐length album Psychic Harmony. Stemming from a rich foundation of euphoric stage shows that has seen the band electrify and joyously anaesthetise their audiences at home and abroad over the years since their inception in 2011, with luxurious synths, psych‐blues and climactic jazz sections, this is the quartet’s bravest and most eclectic trip into the unknown so far. If The Line Of Best Fit called their second album “ An uncommonly brave and successful reinvention,” Psychic Harmony takes Death Hawks into the next stratosphere. Among the top 10 finalists for the Nordic Music Prize in 2013 and nominated for a Finnish Emma award in 2014, Death Hawks have been close to the hearts of industry critics and fans alike for many years now, for their ecstatic live sets and entrancing harmonies. Cutting their teeth touring with bands such as Circle, relentlessly honing themselves as transcendent spiritguides of deep psych rock, their new album sees Death Hawks take that mantle and bravely head out into uncharted waters.



  1. Secret Isle
  2. Like Lovers Do
  3. Re‐Run
  4. Aleya
  5. Synchronicity
  6. Whisper
  7. A Room With A View
  8. Play For Rewind
  9. Scent Of Life
  10. I Am A Tree