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LP (pre-order)

Expected Release: 11th Sep 2020


They are sexy, they are powerful, they are subversive! HUMAN TOYS is a collision of raw rock'n'roll sound and electronic beats.

Poupée Mecanik (vocals, theremin) has a penchant for playing with female archetypes: subversion is the name of the game, flavored with a generous dose of irony. New guitarist Jon Von adds the punk energy of the RIP OFFS; the band has never been so wild! Meanwhile, Florian Cité toils in his secret laboratory, perfecting the synthetic rhythm section. The band navigates the mad road through a garage punk musical landscape, illuminated by the flickering incandescence of sexploitation films. HUMAN TOYS have musically reformed since their previous record “Excuse My French” on Records Ad Nauseam and while one may find a lot less electronic/electroclashinfluence in their music now, there is definitely a higher dose of wild punkrock! Whoever has had the pleasure to witness one of their fantastic live‐shows around the world so far knows that they deliver fullon power and punkrock energy with a tough and seductive attitude.



  1. Don't Bury Your Dead
  2. Secret Girl
  3. Don't You Piss Me Off
  4. Plate In My Head
  5. Doomsday Device
  6. i'm In The Band
  7. Trashman
  8. He Said Yeah
  9. B:
  10. Dorothy Green
  11. Let's Get High
  12. Centipede
  13. No Money No Job
  14. You're Like A Disease
  15. What Part Of No
  16. Church Of Lux