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Mull Historical Society

This Is Hope (2023 reissue)

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This is Hope is the third album from Scottish indie band Mull Historical Society.
In My Mind There’s A Room
  1. Not Enough Sorry
  2. 1952
  3. Wake Up Sally
  4. The Red Flame Diner
  5. Panicked Feathers
  6. Kelshabeg
  7. Somebody Else’s Life
  8. My Bedroom Was My Rocket
  9. Seeds
  10. Meltwater
  11. All Empty Rooms Must Be Mourned
  12. Room Of Masks
  13. Anaglypta
  14. Memories Of Mull

Mull Historical Society

In My Mind There’s A Room

Xtra Mile Recordings
  • limited pink 2lp

    Released: 29th Sep 2023

  • cd

    Released: 21st Jul 2023


Bringing his worlds of words and music together, Colin MacIntyre’s (aka Mull Historical Society) brand new album ‘In My Mind There’s A Room’ features an all-star cast of literary giants who have penned words about a special room that plays or has played a significant part in their lives.

Using these words as the lyrics, Colin has then written the musical arrangements to create a 14 track album of personal and thoughtful songs. Featured authors include Ian Rankin, Nick Hornby, Jacqueline Wilson and Liz Lochhead plus many more.