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Lol Tolhurst

Goth: A History

hardback book - £25.00 | Buy
Limited *SIGNED* hardback book - £25.00 | Buy
This exposition on Goth from The Cure’s former drummer does far more than just explore his own band’s influence.
Curepedia : An A-Z of The Cure

curepedia - deluxe special edition


- Signed by Simon Price & Andy Vella
- Housed in a bespoke slipcase
- Alternative original cover artwork
- 26 full-colour A-Z chapter headings
- bespoke C-U-R-E lettered endpapers specially designed by Andy Vella
- Interior pages printed in red and black ink
- Four additional C-U-R-E art prints exclusive to this edition



- interior pages printed in red and black ink
- bespoke C-U-R-E lettered endpapers specially designed by Andy Vella
- two exclusive bonus postcards, specially designed by Andy Vella


Simon Price

Curepedia : An A-Z of The Cure

Orion Publishing Co / White Rabbit
  • hardback book w/ bespoke endpapers + 2 exclusive bonus postcards

    Released: 9th Nov 2023

  • *Signed by Simon Price & Andy Vella* limited deluxe special edition hardback book w/ alternate artwork + bespoke endpapers in bespoke slipcase + 4 deluxe-exclusive art prints

    Released: 23rd Nov 2023

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From ‘A Forest’ to Zoology, ‘Curepedia’ charts a comprehensive narrative of the enigmatic, and unparalleled crew from Crawley.

Price leaves no stone unturned in his quest yet manages to both protect and inflate the mystique that wafts around the seminal band.

The most extensive Cure publication yet attempted... an accurate jumping off point for the reader, whether a devotee or casual fan.” - Record Collector

Playful, eccentric and irreverent - true to the spirit of the band itself - 'CUREPEDIA' is a comprehensive biography of one of the biggest alternative rock bands in the world. The book is an encyclopaedic A-Z of The Cure examining and riffing on miscellaneous trivia, biographies of the band members past and present, summaries of each album and selected songs, details of the band's various tours and films, and essays on broader topics such as their image, their politics and their influences.