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The Mary Wallopers  

The Mary Wallopers 

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Brothers Charles and Andrew Hendy and their friend Sean McKenna formed The Mary Wallopers as a three-piece ballad group traveling the length and breadth of Ir...

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Flogging Molly


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Flogging Molly are less of a band than they are a Transatlantic, Celtic-punk institution.
Irish Rock N Roll

pink lp

  1. The Bauld O Donoghue
  2. The Holy Ground
  3. Rakes of Poverty
  4. The Rich Man and the Poor Man
  5. The Idler
  6. Madam I’m A Darlin’
  7. The Bauld O Donoghue
  8. The Holy Ground
  9. Rakes of Poverty
  10. The Rich Man and the Poor Man
  11. The Idler
  12. Madam I’m A Darlin’
  13. Nightingale (dinked bonus 7" exclusive)
  14. Lowlands of Holland (dinked bonus 7" exclusive)

dinked edition 253


- Pink & black splatter vinyl *
- Bonus 7” - 2 exclusive tracks *
- Exclusive design, signed print *
- Limited pressing of 600 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

The Mary Wallopers  

Irish Rock N Roll

BC Records
  • limited pink lp

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

  • cd

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

  • dinked 253 - limited pink & black splatter lp* + bonus 7"* in exclusive sleeve* + signed print*

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

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on 'irish rock n roll', the wallopers continue to draw on a great tradition of celtic folk with rousing balladry & singalongs, while highlighting the anti-establishment punk sensibility of these hand-me-down classics & trad-inspired originals, bringing these irish tales to a new generation.

this is no dour folk dirge, though...

filled with the trademark humour & energy of their chaotic live shows, as well as the political ire of their hip-hop project tpm (tax payers money), this is the mary wallopers at their most brilliantly sardonic. the whole album is a bawdy revelry, taking shots at everyone from unscrupulous landlords to the catholic church.  perfect for a late-night drunken singalong with your pals.

for fans of:  the pogues / jinx lennon / the dubliners / tpm / the clancy brothers / luke kelly / kneecap