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Laurel Hell

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We’re now 6 albums into the wayward Japanese- American mesmerist’s growing hoard of treasures & we’re still enthralled by her addictive, o...

Bury Me At Makeout Creek 

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far more honest, complex and downright enjoyable than an album named after a famous simpsons quote should be – mitski brings 70’s art rock into the ...

Puberty 2

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there are few songwriters that can coax so much out of so little as mitski – ‘puberty 2’ is written as a love letter to ennui, despair and hea...

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Weyes Blood

And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

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We’re not worthy! Natalie Mering’s 5th album sets her exquisite, ear- massaging vocals against a lavish boudoir of rich, instrumental timbres.
angel olsen

Big Time

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Album 6 combines the Americana tinge of her earlier works with her more recent widescreen cinematic sweep to create a stunning amalgamation of poetic intent &am...
japanese breakfast


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LP - £19.99
We get the impression that Michelle Zauner has no interest in repeating herself (even if we’ll gladly listen to this album over & over again).

Rumours Live

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what an artifact this is - a live recording of fleetwood mac's opening night of the 'rumours' tour, 'tis the stuff of dreams!.
The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We




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  1. Bug Like an Angel
  2. Buffalo Replaced
  3. Heaven
  4. I Don’t Like My Mind
  5. The Deal
  6. When Memories Snow
  7. My Love Mine All Mine
  8. The Frost
  9. Star
  10. I’m Your Man
  11. I Love Me After You

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The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We

Dead Oceans
  • limited "Robin Egg Blue" lp in pink Die-Cut Slipcase + sticker + wristband

    Released: 15th Sep 2023

  • limited indies only "Robin Egg Blue" lp in pink Die-Cut Slipcase + postcard

    Released: 15th Sep 2023

  • CD + sticker + wristband

    Released: 15th Sep 2023

  • black lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 15th Sep 2023


Whilst she's always been capable of reconfiguring emotional tumult into a splendid musical mosaic, this time round Mitski's sewn it all up with a far-reaching literary touch, colouring each heart-breaking tale with gut-punching clout - in short, it's stupendous.

In this album, which is sonically Mitski’s most expansive, epic, and wise, the songs seem to be introducing wounds and then actively healing them. Here, love is time-traveling to bless our tender days, like the light from a distant star. The album is full of the ache of the grown- up, seemingly mundane heartbreaks and joys that are often unsung but feel enormous. It’s a tiny epic. From the bottom of a glass, to a driveway slushy with memory and snow, to a freight train barreling through the Midwest, and all the way to the moon, it feels like everything, and everyone, is crying out, screaming in pain, arching towards love. Love is that inhospitable land, beckoning us and then rejecting us. To love this place — this earth, this America, this body — takes active work. It might be impossible. The best things are. “This is my most American album,” Mitski says about her seventh record, and the music feels like a profound act of witnessing this country, in all of its private sorrows and painful contradictions.