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Water For The Frogs

limited indies only blue / pink split lp - £19.99
limited sea blue lp - £18.99 £7.98
The sextet’s psychedelic space rock has a gleam of optimism hurtling through its innards, as hopping basslines nuzzle up to chirpy guitars & chatterin...

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Frankie and the Witch Fingers

Data Doom

limited indies only sea blue lp - £22.99 | Buy
black lp - £21.99 | Buy

cd - £9.99 | Buy
This is a thousand-watt wake up of rock ‘n’ roll exfoliation that ingests the explosive impulses of gas-crisis-era proto-punk, the rhythmic insisten...

Views From A Red Train (2022 Reissue)

Gatefold 2LP - £31.99 | Buy

the dark side of the moon (2016 reissue)

heavyweight lp + stickers + 2 posters - £23.99 | Buy
Roger Waters

The Dark Side of the Moon Redux

limited select retailers exclusive transparent blue 2lp - £32.99 | Buy
The Pink Floyd man has honoured the band's former selves with this addendum to the original - not a replacement as much as a re-recording, a reworking, a re...
phil lynott + thin lizzy

Songs For While I’m Away + The Boys Are Back In Town Live At The Sydney Opera House October 1978

blu ray + dvd + cd - £27.99
Mercury Studios is pleased to announce a special package featuring the acclaimed documentary of Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, “Songs For While I’...


  1. Prom
  2. The Tall Grass
  3. This Rock
  4. Can't You Hear Me Calling?
  5. I Am Alive
  6. The Game
  7. Circling The Sqaure
  8. The Ship That I Sail
  9. Dreaming

dinked edition 257


- Black and Blue Smash Vinyl*
- Bonus Track 7" Flexi Disc *
- 12” x 24” Double Sided Colour Insert
- Hand-Numbered *
- Obi Strip
- Limited pressing of 300 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition



The Reverberation Appreciation Society
  • *Last few copies have minor corner creases* dinked 257 - very limited hand numbered* black & blue smash lp* w/ obi-strip + 7" flexi*

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

  • very limited milky clear lp w/ obi strip

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

  • black lp w/ obi strip

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

  • cd

    Released: 13th Oct 2023


An exploratory but coherent journey through sun-dappled indie electro, future folk, space psychedelia, and synth-centric balladry.

Four releases in and Hooveriii have expanded their sound palette, their scope, and their roster to magnificent effect. Dishing out blissful sunshine with a sultry swing, Hooveriii’s laid-back, fuzz-fuelled haze bathes, at times, in the same glorious pool as Pink Floyd at their most majestic before, thirty seconds later, bursting out with Big Muffed riffage.

Making those tiny musical manoeuvres that might initially seem borderline imperceptible, ‘Pointe’ shifts and changes from one cosmic state to the next resulting in a gorgeously oneiric waft through the bucolic plains of the band’s collective memory. Wisely armed with bliss to fight our age of calamity, Los Angelean psych-kraut explorers Hooveriii return with their pastoral and expansive new album “Pointe.” “Pointe” is not the sound of Hooveriii maturing. It’s the sound of a band at the height of their power ascending.