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Jamie Webster


limited indies only white lp - £19.99
Never stuck for inspiration, people-powered and newly electrified singer-songwriter, Jamie Webster watched the world get weird and channelled every wicked turn ...

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Levelling The Land 2023 Remix + Live At The Dolce Vita ‘91

2lp - £39.99 | Buy
a 2023 remix of the Levellers’ platinum selling 1991 album, 'Levelling The Land', coupled with a Previously unreleased Live album recorded in Laus...
10 For The People
  1. Better Day (featuring Brooke Combe)
  2. Voice Of The Voiceless (Album Mix)
  3. Lovers In The Supermarket
  4. Dolly Bird
  5. Fickle Fran (featuring Billy Bragg)
  6. Looking Good
  7. Sing Your Tears
  8. The Boy (Chapter 1)
  9. The Girl (Chapter 2)
  10. Something To Eat
  11. How Do You Sleep At Night?

Jamie Webster

10 For The People

modern sky
  • limited transparent white lp + *signed* 12x12 print

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024

  • black lp

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024

  • cd

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024


These 10 rock-flecked rabble rousers from the folk troubadour got us on our feet and bellowing along - this is music for the people, by a man of the people.

He’ll always be a man of his people, but Jamie Webster’s message has cut through hearts all over the land since the folk troubadour’s debut album ‘We Get By’ in 2020. The songwriting may have evolved from those defiant early days on the acoustic guitar, but the hard-hitting storytelling that made his name remains as he continues to give a voice to the masses through towering anthems to hold close through uncertain times. Though born from frustration and adversity, Webster's music has always managed to encapsulate a sense of unity and togetherness through tough times. Take the breakthrough single ‘Weekend In Paradise’ which distills a living for the weekend ideology of the working classes