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Sky Blue Sky (2023 Reissue)

Limited 140g Blue 2LP - £44.99 | Buy
For album number 6, Wilco took a deceptively simple tack, gilding their seemingly straight-forward rock with enough quirks and idiosyncracies to keep its dear l...

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (20th anniversary Edition)

2lp - £28.99 £21.99 | Buy
deluxe 7lp boxset - £121.99 | Buy

super deluxe 8cd boxset - £105.99 | Buy

super deluxe 11lp + cd boxset - £195.99 | Buy
It’s been 20 years since Wilco defined a new American dream.

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Feel Good Lost (20th anniversary) (black Friday 2021)

gold foil numbered 180g lp in printed clear dust cover + zine + fold-out poster - £37.99 | Buy
The National

Laugh Track

Limited Pink 2LP - 1 per customer - £35.99 | Buy
2LP - £31.99 | Buy

CD - £11.99 | Buy
The National's express has pulled in for the second time this year and we've been wowed all over again - there's a renewed energy to this effort, as...
  1. Infinite Surprise
  2. Ten Dead
  3. Levee
  4. Evicted
  5. Sunlight Ends
  6. A Bowl and A Pudding
  7. Cousin
  8. Pittsburgh
  9. Soldier Child
  10. Meant To Be



dbpm / sony music
  • lp

    Released: 29th Sep 2023


An uncompromising return for Tweedy & co - patiently doubling down on the hazy soundscapes and roughly wrangled guitar tones that have been their bedrock since day dot, Wilco emerge afresh, delivering the goods with aplomb.

Wilco’s most pointed and evocative album, one related but not tied to our present moment; truly new ground for a band that has tested musical boundaries throughout its lengthy career. After a short detour back into their country influenced roots via 2022’s 'Cruel Country' double album, 'Cousin' sees Wilco back in their more familiar progressive and experimental rock territory Tweedy’s singular songwriting voice is in full evidence, with lyrics weaving across a variety of topics from the iconoclastic to the introspective. Produced by Welsh artist Cate Le Bon, 'Cousin' marks the first time Wilco have worked with an outside producer since Jim O’Rourke’s involvement with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Sky Blue Sky. Le Bon’s influences — among them the inclusion of saxophone, cheap Japanese guitars, and a cinematic, New Wave-style drum machine — drive the album into the future.