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Drop Nineteens

Delaware (2024 Reissue)

180g audiophile black lp - £27.99 | Pre Order
'Delaware' is the debut album by American band, Drop Nineteens, from Boston, which they released in 1992.

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Hard Light


  1. Hard Light
  2. Scapa Flow
  3. Gal
  4. Tarantula
  5. The Price Was High
  6. Rose With Smoke
  7. A Hitch
  8. Lookout
  9. Another One Another
  10. Policeman Getting Lost
  11. T

Drop Nineteens

Hard Light

  • limited "crystal" lp + *signed postcard*

    Released: 24th Nov 2023

  • cd + "signed postcard"

    Released: 10th Nov 2023


A glistening spread of sounds that swoop down and sweep you up like a benevolent winged protector - big recommendation for anyone who likes peering at their kicks the band’s proverbial follow up to 'Delaware', a modern Drop Nineteens record that is completely singular in its sound and vision.

The guitar reverb is expansive as ever. Ackell and Kelley’s vocals are crystalline. “Scapa Flow,” is triumphant. An excellent example of what a modern day Drop Nineteens song sounds like. The guitars glide like clouds on a blue sky day, drums shuffle in the background, searching. Ackell and Kelley’s vocals are cool toned and dreamy, bound up in a haze of reverb. It’s unquestionably lovely. You could say the same for the whole of the record. Hard Light is so lovely. A portrait of a band 30 years later, as talented and as dedicated to their craft as ever.