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DJ Shadow

The Mountain Will Fall

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experimental hip-hop exploring new realms alongside the deep samples and kinetic soundscapes that shadow's known for.

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Action Adventure




DJ Shadow

Action Adventure

mass appeal
  • cd

    Released: 27th Oct 2023


Whilst taking us on a thrilling pass through his palatial record collection, Shadow has wrought unexpected emotional electronics to the fore, filling out his already enrapturing sounds with a surprising emotional clout .

Action Adventure is DJ Shadow's seventh solo LP, an inward-looking project, made for Shadow alone without any collaborators. DJ Shadow explains, “This album is about my relationship to music. My life as a collector and curator. All my records and tapes.” “Ozone Scraper” is the lead single of the album campaign. It represents the feeling of transportation, of jet engines lifting the passenger somewhere impossible. It's one of DJ Shadow's favorites on the album, as it's an invitation to strap in and also sets the table for the kind of deep listening Shadow loves.