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A full reworking of Colourgrade including remixes from Arca, Actress, Lafawndah and Loraine James.


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Colourgrade follows on from 2018’s immediate cult classic LP, Devotion.


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‘Devotion’ positions London based Tirzah as a unique, contemporary soul voice on an innovative, modern British RnB record.

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Loraine James

Gentle Confrontation

2lp - £24.99 | Buy
cd with bonus track - £13.99 | Pre Order
James manouevres through exploratory electronic landscapes with guile and a glint in her eye, leaving remnants of genres in her elusive dust.
under the skin ost

Mica Levi (light in the attic edition)

limited red lp - £31.99
the iconic soundtrack to jonathan glazer's creeping sci-fi masterpiece is coming back to limited colour vinyl.
Rian Treanor

File Under UK Metaplasm

limited neon yellow lp - £19.99
Rian Treanor returns to Planet Mu for his raw and energetic second album "File Under UK Metaplasm".
Maria Uzor (Sink Ya Teeth)

Soft Cuts

limited red lp - £25.99 | Buy
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  1. F22
  2. Promises
  3. u all the time
  4. their Love
  5. No Limit
  6. today
  7. Stars
  8. he made
  9. 2 D I C U V
  10. 6 Phrazes
  11. nightmare



  • limited 140g gold lp + download

    Released: 17th Nov 2023

  • 140g black lp + download

    Released: 17th Nov 2023

  • cd

    Released: 17th Nov 2023


A work of subtle ingenuity that reuses and repurposes a recurring beat, carefully sliding into new territories with every iteration - it's a brilliant, heady construct that subverts our heaving expectations just as often as it delights in its god-tier consistency.

a lazy club fantasy zone filled with Poems centring on themes of love; both real and imagined. the album was written and recorded at both their homes and various corners of South East London and Kent.  After several recording sessions over roughly a year, eventually the music suddenly came into a sound that they wanted to follow. The tracks were built using piano loops on top of one beat, distortion added, then romantic vocal toplines.

"Tirzah’s LP is the one that connected with me most this year. Her third full-length with the brilliant Mica Levi on production is inspired in its simplicity. Brooding piano and distorted drums contrast wonderfully, providing a backdrop for Tirzah’s romantic vocals. Some songs do without the beat and others add fuzzed out guitar to the mix. The album has a hazy, gothic feel that is both otherworldly and very human." - Ryan