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Angel's Egg (RSD 23)

Record Store Day 2023 - 180g LP With "Blue Book" Of Lyrics + Obi - £36.99 | Buy
50th Anniversary - Abbey Road Half Speed Master by Miles Showell cut using the 2018 96k24bit files.

Live At The Gong Family Unconventional Gathering

2cd - £11.99
dvd - £11.99 | Buy
The Gong Family Unconvention at the Melkweg club in Amsterdam in November 2006 was a unique 3-day event in which all the surviving original members of this lege...

LIVE! AT SHEFFIELD 1974 (rsd 20)

record store day 2020 - red & green 2lp - £31.99
Dan Recommends: "Everyone knows how much I love Gong, and this album catches them at their best.
Unending Ascending
  1. Tiny Galaxies (03:33)
  2. My Guitar Is A Spaceship (04:09)
  3. Ship Of Ishtar (08:33)
  4. O, Arcturus (03:55)
  5. All Clocks Reset (04:09)
  6. Choose Your Goddess (06:49)
  7. Lunar Invocation (04:34)
  8. Asleep Do We Lay (04:16)


Unending Ascending

  • lp

    Released: 3rd Nov 2023


The album is a return to relatively shorter songs, an eclectic eight-song cycle that forms a pan-galactic suite, veering between the ecstatic, apocalyptic, meditative & catchy, often within the same song.

Opener 'Tiny Galaxies' crackles with the electricity of supercharged sixties psych-pop, while 'My Guitar Is A Spaceship' is as close to an anthem as anything Gong have previously recorded. This up tempo, single-riff stomper is already a live favourite, garnering a positive reaction from a crowd of 90,000 Blur fans at Wembley Stadium in July 2023 when Gong frontman Kavus Torabi dropped it into his DJ set before Paul Weller took to the stage. 'Ship Of Ishtar' is a rapt cosmic hymn where Gong makes time itself stand still. Jet streams of kaleidoscopic melodies envelop 'O, Arcturus', to be followed by the lively polyrhythmic angularity of 'All Clocks Reset'. 'Choose Your Goddess', a surprisingly muscular slice of ritualistic trance rock, ratchets up the intensity yet further. On 'Lunar Invocation' the band summons the Moon deities of yore with ululating feedback & squalling cymbals before the post-credits of 'Asleep Do We Lay' lull lugubriously, gently beginning the cycle all over again.