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throwing muses

Sun Racket

limited indies only violet lp in laser cut sleeve + download - £21.99
lp - £17.99 | Buy
the eminent indie rockers have created a masterfully dynamic record of swampy grunge and tender art-pop; we can almost forgive them for the 7-year wait.

LIVE SOLDIER FIELD '95 (2022 reissue)

limited yellow 4lp boxset - £46.99
On July 9, 1995, the Grateful Dead played what would be their final show at Soldier Field before packing up as a favour to a band who, because of venue cancella...
The Cure

Wish - 30th Anniversary Edition

limited 2lp - £39.99 | Buy
"lifetime" edition 3cd in jewelcase - £19.99 | Buy

limited deluxe 3cd - £21.99 | Buy

remastered cd - £7.99 | Buy
Still goth, still moody but their 9th album was the band’s most accessible & commercially successful to that point.
Invite me, kindly
  1. High Tea
  2. Phone Machine
  3. Drop
  4. E Flat
  5. She Don't Like It
  6. Treasure
  7. All I Want
  8. Mother
  9. A Thousand Times
  10. Rip It Out


Invite me, kindly

  • limited orange & white splatter lp

    Released: 20th Oct 2023


A serious helping of pure unadulterated rock n roll from fellow coastal folks - this handy compendium of their early EPs brings all the rabble-rousing into one handy disc! this record pulls together the teenage rock trio's first two eps, 'a thousand times' & 'invite me, kindly'.

"Britain’s most thrilling and fiercely confident new rockers” - NME.

“It’s a viciously searing and uncompromising statement of intent to take on all corners in 2023 and beyond. Seriously exciting” - Dork.

“they’re a total inspiration – wicked songwriting, stunning stage presence, and a sheer, raw, couldn’t-give-a-flying attitude that punches you to the gut.” - Clash.