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High Art Lite

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Turn on the TV! The wait is finally over & the testcard is no more - Joe Oxley is back to entertain us & his programming has had a fresh update.


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Ooooo – crunchy electro-psych-goth-industrial-drone-shoegaze – there’s a bit of everything we love in here and consequently, we’ve becom...
Costasol ep
  1. Costasol (feat. Mona)
  2. Ephemerol
  3. Heart Attack
  4. VHF


Costasol ep

  • limited translucent blue 10" ep

    Released: 10th Nov 2023


Full of colour and noise, with a vibrant, distorted palette, 'costasol' is a breathless juxtaposition between poolside retreat vibes & uncanny claustrophobia.

'Costasol' is a song about longing, loss and regret wrapped-up in heatwave bass and shimmering guitars, all perfectly enhanced by Mona’s dreamlike vocal. 'High Art Lite', released in October 2022, took a different tilt to its predecessor by emphasising the immediate and the personal. The colours were blown-out and the brightness was cranked up. It’s in this world where TVAM’s new C'ostasol' EP exists. Full of colour and noise, with a vibrant, distorted palette. Though the title track may find a home at some pool-side retreat, the subsequent tracks return to TVAM’s claustrophobic realm. Ephemerol evokes its own mutant groove, part ‘Midnite Vultures’ Beck, part ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ Nine Inch Nails, with Heart Attack and VHF rounding off this bold, bright, brief encounter.