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Space Force

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The thrilling new studio album from rock legend Todd Rundgren collaborating with several peers and acolytes to create one of the most diverse albums of his stel...
Jeff Buckley


LP - £24.99 | Buy
cd - £13.99 | Buy
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Polygondwanaland (Heavenly Recordings Version)

cd - £12.99 | Buy
this record represents the pure distillation of the psychedelic dream, where these relentless rockers achieve the extraordinary feat of continuing to find new t...
  1. Is That You?
  2. Pressure
  3. Modulator
  4. It’s Not Real
  5. Dog’s Life
  6. Only When I’m Thinking
  7. Wander/Wonder
  8. Insomniac (Don’t Worry)
  9. G.Y. Drift
  10. Softly Speaking

dinked edition 265


- 140g Gold Vinyl *
- A4 Risograph Print *
- Hand-Numbered & Signed Edition *
- OBI-Strip *
- Sticker set *
- Limited pressing of 300 *

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bella union
  • super limited eco lp

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024

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  • cd

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024


all hail plantoid’s debut album – the prog-rock opus, ‘terrapath’, released & championed by bella union! in their cauldron, they stir together multiple subgenres to concoct a sort of primordial soup, the molecules of which are built as much from jazz, soul, folk & even a bit of 70’s hard rock, as they are progressive rock.

just take a look at the sleeve art coz, in this case, you can definitely judge a record by its cover! it’s weird and eerie, but it also ignites a feeling of wonder and nostalgia, like cracking open your favourite sci-fi novel as a kid. and yet it was created by a decidedly modern band of exceptionally talented musicians who are able to marry the old and the new in a fresh and exciting way. the fourpiece dig deep into their shared influences, ranging from miles davis to todd rundgren, to jeff buckley, all the way around to the more acute experimental fare that gives plantoid their razor-sharp edge.