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Katherine Priddy

The Eternal Rocks Beneath

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Priddy’s haunting vocals, rich harmonies, distinctive finger picking and enchanting songwriting have left us breathless and quite covered in goose bumps.

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The Pendulum Swing
  1. Returning
  2. Selah
  3. First House On The Left
  4. These Words Of Mine
  5. Does She Hold You Like I Did
  6. Northern Sunrise
  7. A Boat On The River
  8. Father Of Two
  9. Anyway Always
  10. Walnut Shell
  11. Ready To Go
  12. Leaving

Katherine Priddy

The Pendulum Swing

  • *signed* limited transparent green lp

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

  • *signed* cd

    Released: 16th Feb 2024


With a voice like a coastal breeze dancing through a sea arch, Priddy beckons us into her folk-strewn world with the gently welcoming, finger-picked, atmosphere that she beautifully conjures.

"My songs have matured since my debut, seeing as most of those were written in my childhood, but despite moving forward and feeling the need to do something different with this second release, I still can't help but return to those fundamental, unchanging things at the root of it all: home, family, love". "Overall, I wanted this album to feel lived in, and this is captured in part by the ghostly atmospheres, mechanical clockwork sounds, creaking floorboards, indistinct whispers and old tape recordings of my family that are littered throughout. I want to invite the listener to come in, sit down and inhabit the album for a little while, and [lead single, 'First House On The Left'] is right at the heart of that.”