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British Sea Power

Man Of Aran (first time on vinyl!)

limited yellow & blue 2lp in gatefold sleeve - £32.99 | Buy
This exquisite soundtrack to Robert Flaherty's genre-blurring film of the same name seamlessly entwines with the source material, raising the experience up ...
British Sea Power

Open Season (15th Anniversary Edition)

2cd - £11.99 | Buy
It’s been 15 years (!!) since british sea power changed the landscape with ‘open season’ & they sure know how to celebrate a birthday - th...

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Rock Action (2023 reissue)

limited transparent red lp - £23.99 | Buy
public service broadcasting

Bright Magic

lp in gatefold + download - £23.99
limited indies deluxe 2cd (w/ exclusive demo tracks) + white lp + 12" x 12" hardback 20pp photo book boxset - 1 per customer - £78.99 | Buy
This time, the concept album train has pulled in at Berlin, so get ready for a synth-laden barrage of lithe, proggy post-rock from a band that seems to suit eve...


cd - £11.99 | Buy
What’s that I hear you say? It’s the number one chart smasher from the Glaswegian Mega-Snakes, that’s what! It might have taken them 26 hard-w...
public service broadcasting

The Race For Space

180g black lp - £23.99 | Buy
cd - £11.99
the duo’s eccentric mix of guitar-driven electronica & propulsive drumming is once again embellished with spoken word samples culled from exclusive ar...
Do You Like Rock Music? (15th Anniversary Expanded Edition)


  1. All In It
  2. Lights Out For Darker Skies
  3. No Lucifer
  4. Waving Flags
  5. Canvey Island
  6. Down On The Ground
  7. Trip Out
  8. Great Skua
  9. Atom
  10. No Need To Cry
  11. Open The Door
  12. We Close Our Eyes
  13. No Lucifer – Steve Lamacq ‘In New Music We Trust’ BBC Radio Session
  14. Waving Flags – Radcliffe & Maconie BBC Radio 2 Session
  15. A Trip Out – Colin Murray BBC Radio Session
  16. Open The Door – BBC 6 Music Hub Session
  17. Everybody Must Be Saved – b-side
  18. Ooby Dooby Do – b-side
  19. Save The Purple House – b-side
  20. Charlie Potatoes – b-side
  21. Total Confusion – b-side
  22. Elizabeth & Susan Meet The Pelican – b-side

British Sea Power

Do You Like Rock Music? (15th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

Rough Trade
  • limited (1 orange / 1 picture disc) 2lp in gatefold sleeve with glow in the dark cover

    Released: 9th Feb 2024

  • 2cd

    Released: 9th Feb 2024


Album number 3 found the artists FKA as BSP in ambitious, sky-reaching mode and they've put together a reissue worthy of those aspirations, decked out with bbc sessions, b-sides, sightly discs, and a fancy glow in the dark cover.

This expanded reissue of the artist fka "British Sea Power"'s third album includes radio sessions and B-sides and extensive new sleeve notes. This kaleidoscopic record encapsulates Sea Power's true heart. "Easy, easy..." Only Sea Power could turn a football chant into art… with ease. From this bounding refrain of ‘No Lucifer’, via the serenity of ‘Waving Flags', the balm-like ‘No Need To Cry’ and the joyous ‘Trip Out’, 2008 album - 'Do You Like Rock Music?' - reflects the band's ability to find glacial beauty in the commonplace, making soul-stirring epiphanies an everyday occurrences.