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Richard Houghton

Cropredy Capers – Another People’s History of Fairport Convention

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Following on from 2022’s Gonna See All My Friends, described by Prog magazine as ‘the equivalent of getting chatting to a fellow fan down the pub’, comes ...

All Our Loving: A People’s History of The Beatles

Hardback Book - £30.00 | Buy
In the early 1960s, four boys from Liverpool changed the world of music forever.

Wish You Were Here: A People’s History of Pink Floyd

Hardback Book - £35.00 | Buy
Wish You Were Here – A People’s History of Pink Floyd takes the reader on a trip back in time (without the aid of acid) to the psychedelic Sixties, ...

Tell Everyone: A People’s History of the Faces

book - £25.00 | Buy
Tell Everyone – A People’s History of The Faces' is a lavishly illustrated collection of memories of one of the most celebrated bands in British...

The Rolling Stones in the Sixties –A People’s History

hardback book - £19.99
this book charts their career from early pub and club gigs through to Stonesmania on the back of the worldwide hit ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction&rs...
Solid Bond in Your Heart – A People’s History of The Jam


Solid Bond in Your Heart – A People’s History of The Jam

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    Expected Release: 30th Jun 2024


More than 400 fans recall The Jam in action in the latest in Richard Houghton’s ‘people’s history’ series, retelling the story of iconic bands in the words of fans.

Breaking through as part of the British punk scene and topping both the UK singles and album charts four times, The Jam’s commercial success is matched by the affection in which the band are still held. Mourned by some who think Paul Weller’s decision to break up the band in 1982 was rash, and celebrated by those who think the decision was courageous, The Jam remain musical heroes for thousands of British music fans. This is their story.