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Open Arms
  1. Powdered Sugar
  2. Open Arms
  3. A Man As Alive As The City
  4. Lightness Out Of Darkness


Open Arms

The Boxer Rebellion
  • very limited cream 12" ep (500 only)

    Released: 16th Feb 2024


A pulsing, crystalline mantra to electric restlessness.

Heading into a 2024 loaded with promise following 2023’s surprise return, the original post-rock DIY heroes The Boxer Rebellion go deep once more on 'Open Arms' EP. Accompanying a run of celebratory, sold-out UK and Europe dates through October 2023, the band released the shimmering, epic 'Powdered Sugar' to confirm that not only had the band returned, but a clear line from their past had been drawn to the present in a burst of urgent, updated creativity. Following November’s release of 'Lightness Out Of Darkness', another stepping stone towards the release of the band’s new EP. 'A Man As Alive As The City' is a song as much for the listener as it is catharsis for the writer, and the band at their stunning best.