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Who Will You Believe
  1. Who Will You Believe
  2. Look Alive
  3. Not This Pig
  4. What We Had
  5. December in Her Eyes
  6. A Song for Sir Robert Helpmann
  7. Hey, Guitar
  8. A Man of Means
  9. I Don't Need That Anymore (ft. Neko Case)
  10. Ordinary Goldmine
  11. How Will We Sleep
  12. The Purple Rain

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Who Will You Believe

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    Released: 5th Apr 2024

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  • lp

    Released: 5th Apr 2024

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'Who Will You Believe' showcases a beautiful balance between sadness and moments of solemnity with warm humor and camaraderie.

Joe Pernice has been writing for a long time--most of his life, in fact--and has crafted a remarkable catalog that boldly reinterprets and recasts classic American pop - Who Will You Believe may be his most moving and nuanced album yet; it's certainly his timeliest. "These songs were all written during the same time period," he says, "and they all seemed to tap into a mood I was in at the time. I go through spells where I'm a certain way for three or four months. I might be more reticent than usual, or more outgoing. With all of my records--and especially with this one--the songs all feel like they belong together, probably because they all arrived during the same stretch of time."