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Good Morning Seven
  1. Arcade
  2. Ahhhh (This Isn't Ideal)
  3. Monster Of The Week
  4. As The Dogs Were Playing
  5. The Worm Turns
  6. Dog Years
  7. Queen Of Comedy
  8. The Lake
  9. Diane Said
  10. One Night
  11. Excalibur
  12. Real I'm Told
  13. Just In Time
  14. Toy
  15. Jelly Legs
  16. Dogs On The Beach
  17. The Fear!


Good Morning Seven

Polyvinyl Recording Co.
  • limited blue 2lp + download

    Released: 22nd Mar 2024

  • cd

    Released: 22nd Mar 2024


On 'Good Morning Seven', Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons share some of their most beautifully complex and ambitious work to date - a double album that invites the listener into a world of unwavering tonal depth and sonic masterpieces.

Produced & engineered by the band in their Melbourne studio and mixed in Joshua Tree, CA by the band with help from Tyler Karmen (My Morning Jacket, Sharon Van Etten, Devendra Banhart), the album features stand-out tracks such as the breezy “Excalibur” and the lush and sweeping “Toy.”