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Iron & Wine

Who Can See Forever Soundtrack

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As powerful, raw, and engaging as Sam Beam (your man made of Iron & Wine) gets - this is a majestic document of the all-singing, all-songwriting troubadour ...
Iron & Wine


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Archive Series Volume No.
Iron & Wine

Our Endless Numbered Days (Deluxe)

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sam beam’s stunning album returns reincarnated and expanded with eight previously unreleased demo versions and a 12-page booklet with an essay by music jo...

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limited indies only black ice 2lp with 5 extra songs in tip-on gatefold sleeve + 20pp booklet - £34.99 | Pre Order
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limited deluxe indies boxset: clear red 2lp + 2 x 7" ft. lana del rey & jack cruz + poster, housed in hardcover book - 1 per customer - £123.99 | Buy
There’s a gentle swing to this record that, unsurprisingly, belies the devastating lyrical content.
Light Verse
  1. You Never Know
  2. Anyone's Game
  3. All in Good Time
  4. Cutting It Close
  5. Taken by Surprise
  6. Yellow Jacket
  7. Sweet Talk
  8. Tears that Don't Matter
  9. Bag of Cats
  10. Angels Go Home

Iron & Wine

Light Verse

  • limited "loser edition" clear yellow lp

    Released: 26th Apr 2024

  • cd

    Released: 26th Apr 2024


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There's a grandeur underlying the puckish coating on 'Light Verse' - Sam Beam's poetic lyrics tumble from a tongue-filled cheek with playfulness, puns, and sheer language revelry whilst the instrumentation swoops and soars like musical murmurations. Beam, lyrically, once again takes focus on a series of both fictional and personal insights, filled with desperate characters and wide-eyed optimists, offering promise and a dose of heartache, tears and laughter, life and love. Taking stock in the album’s title, he jokes, “'Light verse' is a form of poetry about playful themes that often uses nonsense and wordplay, and it’s my first official Iron & Wine comedy album!…. Just kidding….” While, true, this may be Iron & Wine’s most playful record, Beam says the title mostly reflects the way the songs were born with joy after the heaviness and anxiety of the pandemic. Where recent records, like 'Beast Epic' or 'Weed Garden', gave air to the disquiet of middle-aged frailty and brokenness, these songs trade that for the focus that acceptance can bring. Moment by moment, they delight in being pointed or silly (or both) and attempt beauty over prettiness. Fashioned as an album that should be taken as a whole, it sounds lovingly handmade and self-assured as a secret handshake. Track by track, its equal parts elegy, kaleidoscope, truth, and dare.