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Underwater Over There


  1. Dusty
  2. Blue Tangier
  3. Final Feather
  4. Junko
  5. Peculiar Way
  6. Antoinette
  7. Skylight
  8. Underwater Over There
  9. Bend the Ai

Unwed Sailor

Underwater Over There

Current Taste (Felte)
  • limited blue oceania lp

    Released: 10th May 2024


A current of 80s goth and jangle-pop runs beneath a litany of memorable hooks and compositional left turns, creating a propulsive and intricate world of sound.

The band worked collectively on all elements of mixing and production to craft a meticulously layered environment, while maintaining an air of spontaneity and experimentation across the set. Early standout, “ Final Feather ”, drifts through varying landscapes of airiness and haze on a high-neck bass hook, while the hum of voices adds a contrast of angelic comfort. Bearing influence from New Order and The Cure in particular, its balance of gravitas and shimmer is the result of founding member Johnathon Ford ’s intuitive writing method: the lead bass line comes first, followed by supporting melodies, drums, guitars, keys, and final detailing.

"Dusty” is a prime example of this process, as Ford’s powerful, low-end groove anchors a full-spectrum array of guitars, bells, and arpeggiations along with Matt Putman ’s energetic drum section. Its fluid pacing provides a perfect establishing shot, with shifting moods that gather into a coda guided by David Swatzell’s harmonized, glittering guitar riffs – a sunrise after a moonless night. In quick succession, “Blue Tangier” widens the aperture with a pounding percussive refrain, vibrant bass tone and an unforgettable, fuzzed-out melodic motif.

RIYL: Explosions in the Sky, New Order, Tycho, DIIV, M83, Mogwai, The Church, American Football, The Album Leaf, Sigur Ros, New Order, Tortoise, The Sea And Cake, The Cure, Cul de Sac, Do Make Say Think