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Drive & Cry
  1. Get To Know Ya
  2. Greatest Hits
  3. Lay Of The Land
  4. I Don't Have To Like You
  5. Drive & Cry
  6. Changes
  7. I Don't Need You
  8. I Can't Pretend It Never Happened
  9. Rootin' For You
  10. We Sure Could Two Step
  11. Set On The Steps
  12. Amarillo Highway

Emily Nenni

Drive & Cry

  • limited indies only pink lp

    Released: 3rd May 2024

  • LP

    Released: 3rd May 2024

  • CD

    Released: 3rd May 2024


A matured country sound that focuses on the fun and the tears that come with all changes in life.

While writing 'Drive & Cry', Nenni looked in the rearview mirror for inspiration but kept focus on the sound that she has become known for. "This is the first record I have completely written on my own. I spent a good bit of solitary time ruminating on things that had happened over the last year or two. Rethinking what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, who with, even in just the everyday. Change is hard but also such a gift."