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The Gallows Pole: Original Score (RSD 24)

Record Store Day 2024 - Molten Metal LP +7" In Gatefold Sleeve - £32.99
Following the original, digital only, release of Goat’s score for ‘The Gallows Pole’ TV series, we are now thrilled to announce an expanded, l...


limited indies only "bohemica colour" purple & frosted clear lp - £23.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99

"black trip colour" lp - £23.99
This lot sure know how to cure what ails us - eight spoonfuls of kaleidoscopic, 70s-glooped prog with enough rampant psychedelia that it'll have you dusting...

oh death

limited cloudberry swirl lp + download - £23.99 | Buy
Having explored the music of the world & slurped sonic soup from our skulls, the madcap Swedish troupe set their sights on the afterlife.


lp + 7" + download - £21.99
Having cracked our skulls open and rustled up a hearty broth, Goat then plopped croutons of their musical rarities into our stewing brain and we just couldn'...
World Music (2024 Reissue)
  1. Diarabi
  2. Goatman
  3. Goathead
  4. Disco Fever
  5. Golden Dawn
  6. Let It Bleed
  7. Run To Your Mama
  8. Goatlord
  9. Det som aldrig förändras / Diarabi


World Music (2024 Reissue)

Rocket Recordings
  • limited abbey road mastered acid yellow lp

    Released: 19th Apr 2024


When the mysterious masked collective calling themselves Goat first emerged in 2012, armed with an incendiary debut album ‘World Music’ – there wasn't, and there still isn’t, anyone else on earth quite like them.

With their enticing mythology, music full of sinuous grooves and manic explosions of fuzz, Goat were outliers from the very beginning. ‘World Music’, received an avalanche of acclaim with critics, psych heads, outernational crate diggers etc, all left enraptured by its thunderous intensity, conjured from a singular mix of sounds from across the globe. ‘World Music’ is brimming with tracks now seen as ‘classic’ Goat live favourites. Tracks that have been wowing audiences all over the world; the afrobeat stomp of ‘Disco Fever’, the fuzz abuse of ‘Goathead’, the post-punk groove of ‘Let it Bleed’, the sing-along repetitive pop of ‘Run to your Mama’... From the first note to the last, ‘World Music’ oozes with a sonic confidence rarely seen on a debut album. What Goat have is unique – they’ve managed to create a sound unrestrained by genre or any other boundaries. So if you haven’t done so already, then it is now time you joined the Goat commune.