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royal blood

Back To The Water Below

Limited Deluxe 140g Marble Gold & Black LP + Limited 2 track 7" - £38.99 | Buy
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It's another home run for the (almost) hometown boys with jet packs for arms and the blues-soaked deep in their souls - just when you think they couldn'...
royal blood


lp - £21.99 | Buy
An absolute rollicking storm of anthemic, slightly bluesy rock, now boasting a newfound dance-ability – like they’re making a play to hang out with ...
royal blood

royal blood

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a sonic attack with an impact that 2 people should never be able to achieve alone, Royal Blood is a mixture of anguished vocals, ferocious drumming & bass t...
Royal Blood (10th Anniversary Edition)
  1. ‘Out of the Black’
  2. ‘Come on Over’
  3. ‘Figure It Out’
  4. ‘You Can Be So Cruel’
  5. ‘Blood Hands’
  6. ‘Little Monster’
  7. ‘Loose Change’
  8. ‘Careless’
  9. ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’
  10. ‘Better Strangers’

Bonus Tracks

  1. ’One Trick Pony’
  2. ‘You Want Me’
  3. ‘Love and Leave It Alone’
  4. ‘Sleeptalker’
  5. ‘Hole’
  6. ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ (Tom Dalgety Mix)
  7. ‘Figure It Out’ (Live from T In the Park 205)
  8. ‘Loose Change’ (Live from Reading Festival 205)
  9. ‘Little Monster’ (Live from Reading Festival 205)
  10. ‘Better Strangers’ (Live from Bonnaroo 205)
  11. ‘Out Of The Black’ (Live from Reading Festival 205)

royal blood

Royal Blood (10th Anniversary Edition)

Warner Music UK / Parlophone
  • Deluxe Expanded Gold 2LP in Mirror Board Gatefold Sleeve (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 16th Aug 2024

  • Deluxe Expanded CD with 16pp Booklet (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 16th Aug 2024


Ten years on and the electrifying energy of Royal Blood’s debut album remains as impactful as ever.

Full of colossal riffs and battering ram rhythms matched by aa flair for instantly memorable songwriting, the all-or-nothing performances of ‘Figure It Out’, ‘Come On Over’, ‘Out Of The Black’, ‘Little Monster’ and ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ are still viscerally frenetic, and all those tracks remain staples of their live show to this day. The ‘10th Anniversary Edition’ includes four b-sides from the era, including the deep cut fan favourites ‘One Trick Party’ and ‘Hole’, plus the previously unreleased ‘Sleeptalker’ and Tom Dalgety’s original mix of ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’. It is completed by five live recordings from 2015, including three songs from their first main stage set at the Reading Festival.