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Oh Know

limited 7" + download - £7.99 | Buy
‘Oh Know’ was originally released as part of NRML Festival in Mexico City as a music video release by Echo Panda Films.

>> (2018 reissue)

2LP + download - £24.99 | Buy
created out of 12 days of improv sessions & then edited into song form, the result is an intriguing blend of krautrock & post-punk with minimal tendenci...


cd - £9.99 | Buy
here to rid the planet of identikit krautfuzzers, these three Englishmen summon a brilliant set of sharp-focus electronic rock songs from the bones of influence...

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cd in gatefold sleeve with liner notes by kris needs & rob young - £11.99 | Buy
Originally recorded on tape, this carefully restored live album comprises the entirety of the show in the format of a story with a beginning, middle and end, br...
Snapped Ankles

stunning luxury

black lp + download - £16.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
another astonishing synth-soaked, beat-driven, ecstatic psych freak-out that will take over your world - their primal motorik rhythms, white noise rushes & ...


limited 5LP boxset - 1 per customer - £159.99 | Buy
limited cd boxset - 1 per customer - £70.99 | Buy
All 4 albums, plus brand a brand new collection of remixes and covers! NEU! announce the release of a brand new boxset marking the 50th anniversary of their fir...
  1. Strawberry Line
  2. The Seal
  3. Windmill Hill
  4. Denim
  5. Hungry Are We
  6. Ah Yeh
  7. Blood Miles
  8. *Secrets (LP Download Only)
  9. Cellophane



  • CD

    Released: 31st May 2024

  • LP + download

    Released: 31st May 2024

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6 years on from an album that received HEAVY rotation on the Resident stereo, the Beak> boys are back with a gold-plated slab of sonic supremacy, seemingly out of nowhere.

These thick grooves are delivered with laser-precision so, if you like your kosmische rhythms delivered with ear-catching, wonky electronics that allude to entire planets of sound, you'll want to get involved with this ASAP. Beak> deliver another taste of a different moment, suspended in stasis and simultaneously rushing towards the vanishing point on the horizon. A new Beak> album might not come around often, but when it does, it always seems to capture a specific moment in time, a new set of elegies for the present moment.

"The recording and writing initially began in a house called Pen Y Bryn in Talsarnau, Wales in the fall out from the weirdness of the Covid days. Remote and with only ourselves and the view of Portmeirion in the distance we got to work. With the opening track, "Strawberry Line" (our tribute to our dear furry friend Alfie Barrow, who appears on the albums cover) as the metronomic guide for the album, we then resumed recording, as before, at Invada studios in Bristol, whilst still touring around Europe and North/South America. After playing hundreds of gigs and festivals over the years we felt that touring had started to influence our writing to the point we weren’t sure who we were anymore. So we decided to go back to the origins of where we were at on our first album. With zero expectations and just playing together in a room." - Beak>