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The Cure

Paris (30th Anniversary Edition)

remastered 2lp with 2 bonus tracks - £42.99 | Buy
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'Paris’ has now been expanded with the addition of 2 Previously Unreleased Live tracks: “Shake Dog Shake” and “Hot Hot Hot!!!”...
The Cure

Tube Map

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Innovative Representation of Music History: Band Maps by Mike Bell Mike Bell's band maps transform the rich tapestry of music history into a visual narrativ...
The Cure

Wish - 30th Anniversary Edition

limited 2lp - £39.99 | Buy
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remastered cd - £7.99 | Buy
Still goth, still moody but their 9th album was the band’s most accessible & commercially successful to that point.
The Cure

Mixed Up

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The Cure


  • 2 cd deluxe

    Released: 2nd May 2005


Later hailed as one of the key goth rock albums of the '80s and considered by many hardcore Cure fans to be the band's best album, 'Pornography' was largely dismissed upon its 1982 release, witheringly reviewed as a leaden slab of whining & moping.

The overall sound is thick & murky, but muddier than the atmospherics of the more dynamic 'Disintegration' a few years later. powerful yet doomy & desolate, 'Pornography' remains an intriguing listen & still stands as one of the band's best efforts in a catalogue of classics.