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tru thoughts



now a certified classic of the genre- 2001's 'animal magic' slowly takes shape as a solid debut of narcoleptic down tempo.

if, in simon green's fusion of encouraging trip-hop, helium voices & sitars, you hear lionrock's hypnogogic avant-splatter or the solar affection of air, that's because he shares their use of textural organics in the middle of low-key electronic mood music. although the result is not as colourful as lemon jelly, or as amusing as bent, there's a balance that's just as effective, using the power of suggestion instead of cleverness to avoid the pitfalls of so much half-realised, barely aware chill-out that's always been in the market ironically fighting so fiercely for attention.



  1. Intro
  2. Sleepy Seven
  3. Dinosaurs
  4. Kota
  5. Terrapin
  6. The Plug
  7. Shadowtricks
  8. Gypsy
  9. Sugar Rhyme
  10. Silver