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DJ Food

The Search Engine

Ninja Tune


Released: 23rd Jan 2012


Ltd 2cd & flexi-disc + comic

Released: 23rd Jan 2012


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the ninja tune legend returns to the fold with a beat-heavy opus mixing up sci-fi-psych, off-kilter jazz & spoken-word samples to impressive effect.

renowned dj & graphic designer strictly kev is the sole remaining member of veteran collective dj food, which used to count coldcut amongst its ranks, but he demonstrates he’s still got an abundance of fresh ideas, pushing sample-based music to the outer limits. the drums are kept heavy & upfront throughout, interjected by oddball samples & helped along by guest performances from the the’s matt johnson (who pops up to cover his own band’s ‘giant’), plus natural self & jg thirlwell. “ninja veteran’s jazzy beats still hit hard” – mojo.

The Search Engine


  1. All Covered In Darkness (Pt.1)
  2. GIANT feat. Matt Johnson
  3. intermission: a new language
  4. The Illectrik Hoak feat. Natural Self
  5. Sentinel (Shadow Guard) feat. DK
  6. Prey feat. JG Thirlwell
  7. In Orbit Every Monday
  8. outermission: sheer fiction
  9. Percussion Map (Pt.1)
  10. Magpie Music feat. 2econd Class Citizen
  11. A Trick of the Ear (Album edit)
  12. Colours Beyond Colours