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want to 1 2?

norm rex


Released: 15th Dec 2011


coming on like a sweaty amalgam of daft punk, timbaland & aphex twin, this is new age pop music exploding with booming bass & mutant drum patterns.

recorded between 2005 & 2009, ‘want to 1 2?’ is a slower & lower beast than ‘room(s)’. he utilises the familiar, soul-speaking synth lines & dark, chord stabs but to a hip-hop tempo, incorporating far more breaks & a noticeable prominence of contributions from guest vocalists (theophilus london, brooklyn emcee mickey factz), whose takes often end up glitched out, chopped up & re-triggered all over the track. an intriguing prequel to 2011’s sleek & fully-club-tooled version of machinedrum.

want to 1 2?


  1. 911 ft IE.Merge
  2. Let It ft Melo-X
  3. Brighty ft Denim & Unicornicopia
  4. Flow Raef
  5. Late Night Operation ft Theophilus London
  6. Freshkids ft Mickey Factz
  7. In The Dust ft Jesse Boykins III
  8. Wet Weather
  9. Thisgo Ball ft Marisa Champoonote
  10. Currents
  11. Children Of The Ice
  12. Para Did ft Jaunty & Sarah Ruba
  13. Roll + Feel ft Nami Unreal
  14. WT12?
  15. Conconcon
  16. Bermuda Love Triangle ft Addiquit
  17. XX
  18. Dogsport
  19. I Know Your Kind ft Jimmy Edgar
  20. Late Night Reprise
  21. Jelly Jelly