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pop. 1280

the horror

sacred bones


Released: 19th Jan 2012


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Released: 19th Jan 2012


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abrasive explorations & dirge digging skronk that references bands like cabaret voltaire, chrome, & early sonic youth.

the recording of ‘the horror’ involved a healthy dose of improvisation & in-studio writing, giving the album a darkly unhinged organic feeling with hints of the birthday party & those darker back alleys of aussie post-punk. thematically, the horror finds pop. 1280 stepping out of cyberspace onto the deserted beaches, highways & plains of a surreal hell, this is a road album for the post-apocalypse. “a squealing, stomping bit of postpunk evilness that gives me vague flashbacks to sonic youth’s ‘death valley 69’” – stereogum.

the horror


  1. Burn the Worm
  2. New Electronix
  3. Nature Boy
  4. Bodies in the Dunes
  5. Cyclotron
  6. Beg Like a Human
  7. Dogboy
  8. West World
  9. Hang Em’ High
  10. Crime Time