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Mark Lanegan

Blues Funeral



Released: 6th Feb 2012


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Released: 6th Feb 2012


mixing his raw & visceral rockers with intimate, stripped back seductions, his rusted, ragged voice travels through a dark night of smouldering guitars & crackling drum machines.

a self-confessed voice for hire since the demise of the magnificent screaming trees, lanegan has taken on the role of wandering frontman, singing with qotsa, gutter twins, twilight singers & dueting with isobel campbell. this is his 1st solo record in some time, & it hits hard – up there with his finest material. contorting a blues dirge into a darkly addictive hum-along & riding an ecstatic disco beat through dawn, ‘blues funeral’ is cohesive & compelling throughout, speeding up & slowing down but always lanegan’s very own deep, meandering river of blues.

natasha recommends: "about flippin’ time! i’ve been waiting for a follow-up to 2004’s awesome ‘bubblegum’ for way too long. i much prefer lanegan without isobel campbell’s tweeness & although he’s been busy as a gutter twin, a soulsaver & lurking in the twilight singers too, nothing he’s done between solo records has been quite as impressive as this. it starts out with a fine qotsa-esque outing & from there on in, we are treated to a mixture of his raw & visceral rockers & intimate, stripped back seductions – all of which (with the exception of 1 questionable synthy track that’s yet to win me over) make for a mind-blowing collection that’ll keep me going for another 7-8 years (or however long i have to wait for the follow-up)."

derry recommends: "everyone’s favourite gravel voiced gun for hire finally makes another record on his own & it effortlessly lives up to all the anticipation - the title says it all".

Blues Funeral


  1. The Gravedigger’s Song
  2. Bleeding Muddy Water
  3. Gray Goes Black
  4. St. Louis Elegy
  5. Riot In My House
  6. Ode To Sad Disco
  7. Phantasmagoria Blues
  8. Quiver Syndrome
  9. Harborview Hospital
  10. Leviathan
  11. Deep Black Vanishing Train
  12. Tiny Grain Of Truth