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Where It Hits You

Loose Music


Released: 20th Feb 2012


spectral, heartbroken americana, ghostly pianos, ethereal backing vocals & knotted guitar picking.

from the brooding dreamlike opener to the wild eyed stomp of ‘here we go’, to the beefheart-esque ‘infinite mind’, to the ‘harvest’-era neil young ringer ‘my brother’s keeper’, ‘where it hits you’ finds him in full musical stride, blending genres & approaches with grace, in the face of his wife leaving him whilst he was recording these genuinely anguished, yet resolute songs. “white has not only fashioned a terrific album from less than ideal circumstances, but one that finally feels like a worthy successor to ‘no such place’” 4/5 – uncut.

Where It Hits You


  1. Chase The Dark Away
  2. Sunday’s Refrain
  3. The Way Of Alone
  4. State Of Grace
  5. Infinite Mind
  6. What Rocks Will Never Know
  7. Here We Go
  8. My Brother’s Keeper
  9. That Wintered Blue Sky
  10. Epilogue To A Marriage
  11. Why It’s Cool