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Animal Joy



Released: 27th Feb 2012


LP & download

Released: 27th Feb 2012


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a stunning lp, riding a surge of tightly knit hooks with a rockier sound, retaining the deft emotional weight of talk talk.

ex-okkervil river man jonathan meiburg has long outgrown the shadow of his old band & with this album, his words of wilderness, thunderous piano & textured, knotted guitar lines are driven to beautiful, whirling expressions by urgent drums, zithers &the saturating pulsations of oceanic bass. “like bon iver’s last album, ‘animal joy’ is the sound of americana meshing its cogs with the machinery outside its grimed window” 4/5 – uncut, “evoking stratospheric textures anchored down by melodically well-honed tunes” 4/5 – mojo.

Animal Joy


  1. Animal Life
  2. Breaking The Yearlings
  3. Dread Sovereign
  4. You As You Were
  5. Insolence
  6. Immaculate
  7. Open Your Houses (Basilisk)
  8. Run The Banner Down
  9. Pushing The River
  10. Believing Makes It Easy
  11. Star Of The Age